islas resonantes

Paisajes sonoros de las Islas Canarias
Soundscapes of Canary Islands


  in El Sauzal


On monday 2nd of Feb. we found a small restaurant in El Sauzal with nice
general voices. In Mesa del Mar we found soft waters hitting the shore
with strong power: we recorded up from 300 meters over the rocks.
What a beutifull harmony and disharmony at the same time. Recording was
done with long distance new Sennheisers. Then down the hill to close
the beach rocks wherer waves hit 20 meter high sprinklings of water and
foame over us. And the powers of the water were enormous strong and
even scary. What a recording! On the way back we saw Teide like illuminated
between the clouds, great view…

Water that is for sure one of the base voices, but what will be the others
describing this wonderful island.
Sun is shining now, lets see what this day will bring!

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