islas resonantes

Paisajes sonoros de las Islas Canarias
Soundscapes of Canary Islands


  the north corner of the island


Yesterday the recordings were very limited due the fog and rain.
On the afternoon we tryed once more an undergroud water passage,
but the power of the wind was lowered and the beutiful low hammering
sounds did not arrive anymorein Garachico.

Today Feb. 4 the weather showed all its different faces, but we escaped
to the north corner of the island via Laguna. later Castilla San Andres
and towards Balladero – a very curly road with smashing view – and there
it happened: a sudden wind stream for palmas made their branches and leaves crackle like bones in wind – never heard such a wind and result!

Then to Taganana and towars Benijo. Exceptional strong wind and massive
water voices when the waves crashed to the shore – triple windscreens helped,
but 4.0 recordings suffered a bit from wind. Sennheisers made it again!

On the way back nothing interesting in Bajamar, nothing in Punta del Hidalgo.
Maybe now northern coastal line is in our recordings…

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