islas resonantes

Paisajes sonoros de las Islas Canarias
Soundscapes of Canary Islands


  DAT battery case refused


Today thursday recordings started to go inlands. northern coastland
is very habited and therefore hard to find with this timeschedule pearls
or diamonds in nature voice covered by civilization and machines.

Maybe inland rough conditions on lava eruption areas will give us more
satisfaction of the voices once been but almost disappeared today.
Winds, yes they are the same with speed of 20 meters by second,
powers to fly a car out from teh road. We found them blowing sandstorms
at 2000 m above the sea level in Teides majestetic surroundings.

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Crashing steps over the vulcanic paths, like walking over ice cubes. That has
to be remade as the rain and forrester police unterupted us and then DAT
ran off from power. That is a must. Steps in sandstorm by Agnieszka, lets see
the vulcanic soft sand compared to beach sand so much used and softened by
waters. Heavy rain turned roads into streams, maybe it dryes tomorrow.

DAT battery case refused to unload its accu, a screwdriver and spiral cork opener
solved the situation, so tomorrow we have power…

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