islas resonantes

Paisajes sonoros de las Islas Canarias
Soundscapes of Canary Islands




Yesterday we found a marvellous small village located on Anagan Mountains called Bieja close to Los Batanes.
Original wood acoustics – no cars (so we thought) in the nature reservation area. For the beginning everything sounded al last being great. Then a bicycle, cars, aeroplane and we understood: we got to go out from passing through roads – so we came to Los Bahanes high on the mountain slope distant village life as a sounding panorama down there 400 meters away.
Zooms worked fine from this distance and hopefully quadrophonic image is fine. We only can listen in stereo!

Then to Biejo, last houses hanging on the slopes, small gardens, little piece of land for vegetables, chickens, a proud cock, peacock, turkey and frogs of course with dogs. Afternoon lunch is over and family with friends is enjoying wine and coffee.
Absolute acoustic still life!

Pekka – Agnieszka

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